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Gospel BlimpThe Gospel Blimp and Other Parables

A blimp that saves souls. A college student who flies. A conflicted southern preacher in the wake of a local lynching. A mysterious stranger at a corporate Christmas party who turns water into wine. Beginning in the late 1950s, Joe Bayly made it his business to expose the blind spots of American Christianity. How did he do it? He wrote parables—or, as Joe put it, stories on target. And, as it turns out, he did a pretty good job at it. Here in one collection are Joe’s wisest and funniest stories. These are stories about sinners, bumblers, fools, and hypocrites. In other words, they are stories about normal, everyday people. The kind you might find on the other side of a mirror. And, really, if you’re not looking in the mirror you’re missing the point. Not that Joe was mean. Satirists needn’t always be scoffers or cynics. Joe just saw people the way they were and loved them enough to say so. And he had a knack for saying so with wit, charm, and a healthy dose of good humor. 

The Gospel Blimp (DVD)

A movie directed by Irvin "Shorty" Yeaworth, director of The Blob, is a sendup of Wheaton Evangelicalism. Shot in the sixties, it's retro and very funny.




An apocalyptic novel written in 1976 that deals with what will happen under nationalized health care. At the time Winterflight was written, readers thought it was a stretch. Recent readers say Dad was amazingly prescient.


View From a Hearse/Last Thing We Talk About

A very personal view of death from a father who lost three sons to death before they reached adulthood. If you have a friend grieving the loss of a loved one, give them this book. It's the one book those grieving will not set down until they've finished it.



Psalms of My Life

A collection of simple and very personal poems not written for publication, but published anyhow. Titles of the poems include "A Psalm on the Death of an Eighteen-Year-Old Son," "A Psalm in a Hotel Room," "A Psalm of the Fat Camel," and "A Psalm in a Colorado Meadow."




A short meditation on death written by Dad as he lay in a Mayo Clinic hospital room waiting for surgery and contemplating death.


I Love to Tell the Story

Dad's journal and meditations born of decades teaching a Sunday school class.



I Saw Gooley Fly

A collection of modern parables aimed at waking up complacent Christians.



Congo Crisis

An account of the tumultous period (1960-1966) between the end of colonial rule and the beginning of the reign of the butcher Joseph Mobutu over the First Republic of Congo, during which over 100,000 were butchered and a number of Christians were martyred.


Out of My Mind: The Best of Joe Bayly

A selection of the columns Dad published monthly for twenty-five years in Eternity Magazine. Dad sometimes referred to himself as an Evangelical gadfly, and this is the record of his gadflying Evangelical superstars such as Bob Jones, Oral Roberts, and Bill Gothard.


A Voice in the Wilderness

A more recent compilation of Dad's writings.