August 2016

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Wayne Grudem's ethical casuistry...

Lots of people have done a good job dissecting the endorsement of Donald Trump by my former colleague, Wayne Grudem. If you only have time for one of the critiques, try this one by Bill Muehlenberg. But let me add a couple thoughts of my own.

As I said, Grudem's endorsement is long—so long and detailed that readers may get lost in the verbiage. So here's a summary of his arguments:

I have "taught Christian ethics for 39 years [and] I think voting for Trump is a morally good choice."

Grudem claims to be an academic expert in the matter of making difficult decisions (ethics). And having established his authority, Grudem tells us Trump is the right choice. But not just the right choice. He aims his pitch at the higher spiritual plane, saying Trump is a "morally good choice."

Grudem gives the reason Trump is a morally good choice:

Justice Ginsburg is 83, and she has had colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and has a heart stent.

Yup, that's just as he wrote it. The entire reason we should make the "morally good choice" of Donald Trump is that Justice Ginsburg is about to die and...

President Obama has always been unfit for office...

The lead headline on Google News just now shows President Obama hard at work as Rodham Clinton's shill. From our White House, Obama has announced to the nation that Donald Trump is "unfit" to be president.

How President Obama can call anyone "unfit" for anything is beyond me. This is a man whose bloodlust extends to the slaughter of unborn children who are viable. Yeah, kill them and good riddance.

Both Obama and Rodham Clinton trot out their bloodlust as one of their key qualifications for the presidency. And they have the audacity to call Donald Trump "unfit."

Utter hypocrisy.