March 2015

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Indiana's RFRA: sorry, sorry, sorry...

For the past week, I've been holding in abeyance a post on the firestorm that has come down on Indiana and our Governor, Mike Pence, in the week since the Governor signed into law Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. More on that later, but first check this out.

Fox News did an interview with Gov. Pence this morning in which the Governor repeatedly protested that he was opposed to any disapproval of homosexuality in public. That's not exactly how he put it, but it is precisely what he said and meant. Yet Gov. Pence is the governor of a state whose citizens, still at this late date, disapprove of homosexual relations and have made this clear at the polls and through the legislative and judicial branches of our state government.

Then too, like most of his fellow Hoosiers, Gov. Pence claims Christian faith. So how can the good Governor say he is opposed to any public disapproval of sodomy? Has he not read the Bible? Does he no longer believe that God judges that nation and ruler who call good evil and evil good? That ruler who, rather than righting wrong, wrongs right?

When those who live their faith outside the privacy of the home and church by disapproving of the slaughter of the unborn, the rape of a little child, and the sodomizing of one man by another are condemned by their ruler for expressing their disapproval in public, is this not calling good evil? Is this not wronging right?

Check it out, though: concerning our national embracing of depravity, we're not done yet. When I watched Gov. Pence's video clip just now, what immediately followed it on the Fox News video site was prophetic...

Coming to your church tomorrow: how will you love her...

The souls who call themselves "transgendered" are ho-hum on campuses today. Here's an excerpt from an IDS (Indiana Daily Student) article about a young women at Indiana University who grew up in a Christian home in a nearby town and is trying to delete her womanhood: 

Though Whaley identifies as a man, his parents, legal ID and the U.S. Army still use female pronouns in reference to him. Luckily for him, his girlfriend Haylee Mclain and his best friend Chelsey Eads see him as the person he is striving to become.

“I grew up in a Christian family, so it’s a little bit difficult for me,” Whaley said. “First coming out as a lesbian then coming out as transgender, it’s a little hard, and it’s getting harder now that I’m getting older.”

...When Ash decided to come out to his parents, they were less than accepting.

The slow and the dead...

In the same vein as the post just below, here's the video and transcript from a 60 Minutes piece titled "A Few Good Women." It begins:

Remember that old recruiting ad the Marines are "...looking for a few good men?" Well, now they're looking for a few good women as well. The Armed Services have been ordered to open all their ground combat units to women by the end of this year - or else give the secretary of defense a good reason why not.

When the Armed Forces become the plaything of the effete...

Here's an excerpt of a sobering article by Jim Gourley published by Foreign Affairs. The piece was just forwarded by Father Bill Mouser, who served in the Marines.

...The core of our military’s strength is people, yet the Defense Department places inordinately greater attention on weapon systems than human systems.

Our dialogue is horribly skewed from the very beginning when we discuss women meeting the physical requirements for infantry combat duty, because we...

The battle of life...

My son-in-law, Lucas, just forwarded this poem by Stepping Heavenward's Elizabeth Prentiss. It reminded me how important it is that godly mothers, sisters, and wives teach their sons, brothers, and husbands Christian manhood. Often I've encouraged wives to teach manhood to their husbands, and a good example of this is Prentiss's poem:

The Battle of Life

The wintry storm was raging loud without,
And to and fro,
the angry winds flung carelessly about,
The falling snow.

Luxuriously before the ruddy fire
I sat at ease,
The only object of my heart’s desire
Myself to please.


Selling old church-houses...

Yes, it's difficult deciding to whom to sell our old church-houses, but I think it would have been best not to use a pic of a local church to make the point. The pastor of that church just called and was kind to me while protesting the use of his congregation's previous church-house as an example, and so I apologized and have removed that pic. Incidentally, he explained his church's thoughts on the matter and I was helped by those thoughts that led them to do as they did. So, I'm sorry for the pic.



Watch the coach belly flop. He's the proud father.


City Church Pastor Fred Harrell: the man the PCA refused to discipline...

Inspired by the work he had seen at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, Senior Pastor Fred Harrell moved with his wife Terely to San Francisco to start a church that would be in the city and for the city. - The Story of City Church

Pastor Fred Harrell of City Church, San Francisco, just announced his elders have embraced sodomy and will grant sodomites access to membership in the church and full communion at the Lord's Table.

Pastor Fred Harrell planted San Francisco's City Church back in 1997. For our purposes, the thing worth noting is that Harrell's City Church was a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America inspired by the PCA's flagship congregation, Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Thus from the beginning City Church's DNA has been all Tim Keller, from its "in the city, for the city" tagline to the gender-bending sexual indeterminacy that is the heart of Redeemer's schtick.

Almost a decade after its planting, in 2006 City Church petitioned the PCA's Northern California Presbytery for dismissal to a more liberal denomination called the Reformed Church in America (RCA). Harrrell and City Church made it clear they wanted to move to the RCA because they were determined to rebel against the Word of God in the matter of the appointment of women to teach and exercise authority over men in their congregation. Specifically, they said they were determined to ordain women as church officers and the RCA would approve of this rebellion. Carrying it out as Tim Keller had been doing for years back in New York City might create a bit of awkwardness among fellow PCA members and officers. It seemed better for this small congregation across the country from its patron not to force the issue within the PCA, but simply to depart.

Harrell and his session did not have the number of attendees, money, or fame Keller had, so the decision was made to...

Brits say "no" to women in ground close combat...

Nothing in the orgy of sexual anarchy these United States are giving ourselves to is easier to oppose with hard facts than our hell-bent rush to make our mothers, wives, and daughters kill and die for us as ground force combatants in the U.S. Armed Forces.

More than a decade ago, I spent a couple years working against this madness as a member of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America's Ad Interim Study Committee of Women in the Military. During my service there I was appalled at the connivance of a good number of PCA pastors and elders at these worst manifestations of rebellion against God's Creation Order of Sexualtiy. Both at General Assembly and on our committee, there were a number of pastors and elders (including military chaplains) who did everything they could to obstruct any attempt to call the denomination to say "no" to women in combat. On our committee, these men perpetually claimed there was no such thing as a front line, nowadays...

Men's hats, women's hats...

And finally, this from the same Wolfe interview:

I’ll just leave you with one sociological note. I love this. It’s James Laver’s sociology of hats. In the Victorian period, says Laver, men’s hats were very tall and very stiff, like John D. Rockefeller’s shiny silk toppers in all the old cartoons, while women were wearing kerchiefs, pieces of thin pale fabric that lay limply on top of the head with no superstructure to give them shape.

R2K men never say "it's wrong, that's why"...

Tom Wolfe speaking of the "absolute moral conviction" and "fervor" of the students of the sixties who demanded their dorms become coed:

Well-educated adults, in contrast, were at that moment suffering from a shortage of those two hormones, moral conviction and fervor. That very much included politicians, college presidents, and others in positions of authority.

They were becoming secularized. It had become unfashionable to thump your Bible, as Americans had always tended to do, and say, “It’s wrong! That’s why!” It made you look backward. So what was the basis for your authority, if it wasn’t religion? You had none! You tended to give way when you ran into youths with genuine moral conviction and fervor. Not agree, just yield. Did the students insist on having four courses per semester instead of five, so that they could devote more time to each course? They did, and it was done. Did they insist that they should be integrated, not segregated, by gender in the dormitories, because segregation was so hopelessly reactionary? They did, and it was done. It wasn’t a matter for debate. It was a simple matter of folding in the face of superior moral conviction and fervor.

The absent father who lives at home...

From the same NAS interview of Tom Wolfe linked above:

Frank Pittman, a psychiatrist, reviewed two movies that came out about the same time for Psychology Today. One was Dead Poets Society and the other was Field of Dreams. Both are about sons who are severely hurt by their fathers. Both are beautifully made…wonderful acting, wonderful writing. Dead Poets Society’s plot turns on a domineering father who thinks that his son’s involvement with the school’s theater group is effeminate. The boy ends up committing suicide. But in Field of Dreams it’s a boy pining for some connection, any at all, with his father. Just throwing a baseball back and forth would do.

Pittman concludes that Field of Dreams is far more true to contemporary life. “The problem children have in this country today is not the domineering father. The problem is the absent father who lives at home.”