On the occasion of Michael Farris leaving HSLDA: thoughts on the church's reformation...

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Neither the slaughter of one-quarter of our children we liltingly refer to as "abortion," nor the promotion of sodomy and the denial of First Amendment rights of Christians who object to it, will be repealed in our courts. Any remedy will have to be legislative.

Legislation, though, depends upon the will of the people and at this point we, the people, do not have the will to stop either of these obscenities. Nor very many others.

How might this change?

The history of the early church shows the way. The men who knew Jesus went out preaching, and in time the Roman Empire turned away from effeminacy, sodomy, female rebellion, and child slaughter that was characteristic of their pagan religion.

Now, though, Christendom is in its death throes. Seventy-five years ago, J. Gresham Machen said America was living...

off its moral capital and he warned us, watch out when it's gone.

How bad is it?

Michael Farris just left the Home School Legal Defense Association to head up Alliance Defending Freedom.

Michael says this about his new job:

Along with my American law degree, I have an LLM in international law from the University of London, and I aim to put that to good use by managing the important work of ADF internationally. I feel like God has orchestrated my life to get me to the point where I am right now. 

Although Trump's election gave them a reprieve, ADF sees the writing on the wall for these United States and will be turning to the international scene.

Are you praying for the Church and her pastors?

One thing I recommend is that you send your young men aspiring to the ministry here to Clearnote Pastors College for their training. Check it out.

Tim Bayly

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