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CNF_banner.jpgYou saw the announcement of our Shepherds Conference here on Baylyblog last week. What we didn't tell you is that this conference is closely connected with the next book we're working on here at Warhorn Media with the working title, In the Closet: How Shame Stopped the Church from Loving Homosexuals. We're particularly excited by the book's cornerstone chapter titled "The Sin of Effeminacy."

Joseph and I spent a great deal of time talking through the content of this chapter. I learned a lot. After finishing the chapter I told Mary Lee that, if I'd known as a young man what I learned that week about the sin of effeminacy, I would have spent my life opposing...

soft men rather than feminists. To compensate for the soft men who surround her and her children, the feminist becomes a hard woman and makes a principle out of her necessity. Remember the old feminist who said "a lot of feminists have become the man we'd hoped to marry."

We plan to release the book this coming June, but those who show up for the conference will get a sneak preview.

The conference is designed for pastors and church leaders, but it is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about biblical sexuality and how to call the church to be faithful at this gap in the wall. Here are the session titles:

1. From Shame to Chic: How we got here — Tim Bayly
In 1962 every state in our country had felony laws against sodomy. Today the sin of homosexuality is celebrated with parades, advocated by the media and arts, and in a nuanced way approved by a growing number of the more conservative leaders of the church. How did it happen so fast? Who dropped the ball and why?

2. Returning to Eden: What the Bible says about sexuality — Tim Bayly
Sexuality is much bigger than body parts and where they fit. Any discussion of homosexuality must begin with a robust theology of sexuality. Exactly what does the Bible say about sexuality?

3. Rebuilding the Foundations: Teaching biblical sexuality — Joseph Bayly
Scripture doesn’t condemn homosexuality just to condemn homosexuality. God made each of us a man or woman, and He means for us to live as men and women. As a pastor or older woman of the church, how do you encourage and exhort your flock to take on the duties of their sex? What are some practical ways we can teach our flocks to live the sex God made them—not just in theory, but in all of life?

4. Cake Bakers, RFRA, and the Future: Practical wisdom in a hostile world — Ezra Hale
We live in a post-Obergefell world that increasingly hates God’s created order. And God’s people have real enemies. What are the practical, legal, and financial implications? Church leaders must be informed and they must be wise as we walk these thorny paths.

5. A Light in the Darkness: Hope for a broken world — Tim Bayly
The thunderheads are gathering. We fear for our young ones, but we aren't living by faith if we retreat and batten down the hatches. Jesus has called us to be salt and light. We are to do our work cheerfully and openly. That's what a "witness" is.

So will you join us? There will be good food, lots of time for fellowship, and Q&A for the places things weren't clear or more needs to be said by participants.

If you're able, would you register now so we can have an idea how many to prepare for?


Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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