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[UPDATE: Tuesday morning, June 28, Liam Goligher texted me with his Calvin source. To quote, "Calvin to Cecil, 28th January 1559, ZL, vol. II, p34-36." Liam says this proves his point. Of course, it doesn't. Calvin held the very opposite of what Liam continues to claim and it seems apparent Liam hasn't read the sources I provided in my earlier post (including another letter he wrote to Cecil). 

Liam and Carl's halfway covenant of male authority limited to home and church ordination is not the doctrine of Scripture. Thus it was never taught by the Reformers—least of all John Calvin. Rather, Calvin said the government of women "ought to be counted among the judgments with which God visits us," that it "ought to be held as a judgment on man for his dereliction," and that it "is utterly at variance with the legitimate order of nature."]

Carl Trueman teaches church history at Philly's Westminster Seminary. In his WTS profile, among his credentials, Trueman includes:

 [I am] currently co-editing with Bruce Gordon the Oxford Handbook of Calvin and Calvinism...

Trueman claims he knows Calvin, so it's quite embarrassing that Trueman's blog published a howler of a misquotation of Calvin twenty-four days ago, now...

Readers were wisely suspicious, so they asked for the citation. Neither Trueman nor his guest contributor, Liam Goligher of Philly's Tenth Presbyterian Church, bothered answering the multiple requests.

Seeing they were stonewalling, ten days ago I documented their abuse of Calvin and asked for the error to be corrected.

They continue to stonewall. Their abuse of Calvin is over three weeks old, now. People have called them on it directly under the error. Is it really beneath their dignity to admit a mistake?

To help them along, I just posted the above comment on Trueman's blog, directly under the error.


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