Denny Hastert, Evangelical, Wheaton College alum, husband, father...

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Wheaton College's Dennis Hastert is the quintessential sodomite predator. Read this article, watch this video, and note all the details—every last one of them if you want to guard your children and the children of your church and school from being corrupted by such a man.


Wheaton College alum.



Note his easy access to young boys.

Note his taking these young men and boys on trips to the Caribbean.

This is precisely what the music director at one of the best-known PCA churches in the country did with the young men he taught and worked with in the church...

To this day, the former minister and his accomplices on the elders board refuse to admit and ask forgiveness for their betrayal of the students who became this predators' victims.

Note Hastert's victim's sister talking about Hastert's manipulation. Note her sweetness. Note the absence of bitterness in her grieving. May God comfort this dear woman!

Note every last detail of the article and video because every last detail matters and each is typical of sodomite predators.

Most of all, note that sodomite predators aren't out to corrupt their peers, but rather younger men and boys. This is the norm among sodomites, going back to Ancient Greece.

Little boys sodomized by their choir directors and wrestling coaches back in the sixties and seventies grew up to become sodomites, themselves. That's what happens. Child corrupters corrupt children. I've worked with many men from such a background and I know. And tragically, like Hastert's victim, many of them also are now dead of AIDS.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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