An early Valentine for your wife...

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Daniel Meyer provided the link to this Millennial emoting about how his marriage is so good that he and his wife decided they'd keep their love for themselves. That's not exactly what he said, but reading between the lines, you know that's what it all adds up two. Not three.

Here's some of the man's public airing of his and his wife's dirty laundry:

On the eve of the procedure [his vasectomy], there was a sense of anxiety around the house. Not just mine, knowing I was about to undergo a bit of trauma in an area I'd heretofore protected so vigilantly. There was something else. This sense between Amy and me of, for lack of a better word, loss. We didn't have children. And we weren't going to. Ever. It was a serious thing, this. And serious things tend to touch our deepest emotions.

We both got a little sad. A little weepy. My wife, through a few tears, said the sweetest thing. "I know some people have kids because they want to see themselves in their children. But I would have wanted to see you."

Spare me. Why do Millennials take their most shameful private moments and broadcast them to millions? All previous generations of men and women grieved over their...

childlessness, but somehow today we are producing monsters who choose this curse at the same time parading their grief before the whole world as if that grief is a badge of honor.

Since this is the sort of sick confession everyone is reading today, it is my responsibility as a Christian and pastor to warn souls who might be tempted to embrace the sins this man is promoting. Yes, it's all rather elementary, but our day is most notorious for its rejection of the most basic and visible truths, especially regarding sexual identity and intimacy. So here goes...

A man makes love to his wife because he loves her. This why it's called (ahem) "making love."

When a man makes love to his lover, he does it because he wants more of her. He wants her to work with him to make another her. He wants another her because he loves her. He adores her.

I must be out of my mind writing what is so painfully obvious, but let me continue...

Marriage is for companionship, yes; but not just the companionship of husband and wife. Marriage is also for reproducing your wife.

Our author seems to get this, doesn't he? It's terribly tragic, then, to hear his wife say through her tears, "I would have wanted to see you."

All through his piece, this man speaks as if he and his wife knew what it would be like to have their own children because they knew other children.

Did no one tell him? Did no one tell his wife that having her own children would not bear the slightest resemblance to holding and cuddling and kissing someone else's children?

Other people's children don't have your wife's eyes. Her temperament. Her cheerfulness. Her laughter. Her can-do attitude in the face of the most difficult parts of life.

Her beauty.

Her nose.

Her smell. 

But your own children have every one of these precious things—and many more. That's what you love most about your children. That's what gives you your greatest joy in life.

What joy that, after you're dead and gone, men and women will live on teaching the world to fear God and trust in His Son—men and women who came from you and your wife. Men and women given birth to and adopted into your household who keep the Covenant to the third and fourth and fifth generation and are spitting images of the woman who is more precious to you than anything else in life, other than God.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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