The Hellish revolution...

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This Hispanic English prof has a few things to say about the sexual insanity the U.S. is forcing on the rest of the world. A Yale classics grad who grew up in the household of his Puerto Rican mom and her white North American lesbian partner, he compares the feminist/LGBT imperialists of these United States to the communists of the Iron Curtain, concluding that feminists and queers are doing more damage across the world than communism ever did.

And if you think about it, the body count supports his judgment. Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, and North Korean Communists slaughtered about 140,000,000 of their fellow countrymen, whereas feminists have slaughtered 1,355,023,647 unborn babies, and counting...

Keep in mind this count of feminists' bloodlust does not include the billions of murders they carry out each year through chemical means such as Plan B, the Pill, the IUD, and a host of other hormonal witches' brews manufactured by pharmaceuticals and dispensed by the pharmacy over on the far wall of the supermarket where you buy groceries.

But back to our English prof. Here's his accounting for the madness of the past couple weeks:

Over the last several weeks, so much news has come out about the terrifying paths taken by LGBT/feminist activists that the average American could be forgiven for wondering just how bad all of this can get. ...The average American could be forgiven for wondering just how bad all of this can get.
Teenage boys are mandated under federal sanction to have access to naked female classmates in high school showering facilities.

The surrogacy business, sometimes called babies on demand, is needed to create all those idealized gay families with children. It has yielded countless custody nightmares, human trafficking scandals, and even deaths of hyper-drugged surrogate mothers, yet all the momentum seems to be for expanding surrogacy, particularly in gay-positive New York.

Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting scandal sent shock waves around the nation, then fizzled out so conveniently that as recently as November 6 Whoopi Goldberg could glibly cut off Carly Fiorina on the topic, saying, “You know that’s not true.”

Meanwhile, we Christians are responding selfishly, limiting ourselves to a sort of First Amendment NIMBY stance. We don't think of feminism and queerism as wicked. We just don't like being painted into a corner: "The feminist and LGBT movements aren't so much evil, as irritating—especially when they try to force me to bake them a wedding cake. I mean, where's my freedom of religion, huh?"

Among the wise, for decades it's been a commonplace that feminism is the most radical social revolution the world has ever seen. Yet Christian preachers and writers have an aversion toward the defense of God's Creation Order. Few care to work on snatching sheep from the mouth of this demon.

The day is late, yet it still is difficult to find pastors who preach against feminists' revolt against God's Order of Creation. Sure, we keep women out of the pulpit Sunday mornings and off the elders board, but we have no zeal for the fight. So we speak of marriage being a partnership and we list the joys of mutual submission.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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