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After seminary, my father and mother were in campus ministry in New England. It was right after the Second World War when Germany had decided Jews were unwanted and her government implemented her Final Solution in her abort-the-Jews clinics across Germany and the Bloodlands. Dad was at an international student conference where Christian students who had served in the German army under Hitler told of their conscientious Christian witness during the war. What was that witness?

Dad writes...

Soon after the end of World War II, I was in Europe for a Christian student camp. In the cabin for which I was responsible were six or seven German students, all of whom had served in Hitler’s army.

Several of these young Germans had come from Christian homes. One night we were talking about the war, and they told of refusing to take dancing lessons because their parents had taught them that dancing was wrong. This decision had meant sacrifice, they said, since social dancing was required of officer candidates and they had thus missed out on promotion.

I remember my feeling of surprise. Christians were the same everywhere—they weren’t afraid to speak out, even against Hitler, when it came to social dancing.

*  *  *

During the trial of Adolph Eichmann, the Jerusalem Post Weekly reported a courtroom clash between counsel Dr. Robert Servatius and prosecution witness Dr. Salo Baron, Jewish historian at Columbia U.

“The theme of this debate could be summed up as predestination versus moral choice. Dr. Servatius’ questions and answers posed the problem: how can you blame a man who is swept forward by the onrushing tide of history? This is destiny. The end result of the Nazi extermination program was not the liquidation of Jewry, but its revival in a free and flourishing state. Why punish a man who was only an instrument of this historical destiny?

"Dr. Baron answered that each man has a moral responsibility to himself, to mankind and to God, and even the most fervent Christian believers in predestination believed firmly that criminals should be punished on this earth. It was the duty of each man [in the Nazi state] to look into his heart and decide that he could break away from the madness which enveloped a hysterical and insane mass movement.”

December, 1961

Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is us today. We are caught up in "a hysterical and insane mass movement" that dwarfs the Final Solution of Germany's Third Reich in both numbers and cruelty. Five million Jews were slaughtered whereas we here in these United States have slaughtered well over fifty million and counting. The Jews who were slaughtered were primarily adults whereas we slaughter little babies. The Jews were gassed or shot in the back of the neck or head—quick deaths—whereas we draw and quarter our babies while they are alive. And if their brains are wanted for Neo-Nazi "research," we rip off their faces so we can slip their brains out intact. The Jews were buried. In trenches, but buried. We flush the bodies of our babies down sinks and toilets, or we toss them in dumpsters. Their loved ones don't want their children's bodies for burial. They pay for their murder—why would they bury them?

Writing her account of the trial of Adolph Eichmann, one of the Germans' civil magistrates responsible for carrying out their Final Solution, Hannah Arendt titled the account, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. If the evil of the Germans' Third Reich was so pervasive across their nation and the Bloodlands that it became banal, the evil of our final solution to unwanted babies here across these United States has taken us beyond banality to comatose and damned. We are the nation on the highway to Hell who yet convinces ourselves we are Christians. It's beyond imagination that we sacrifice our children to Molech and call ourselves "Christian." Have we no fear of God—none at all?

Yet the blather about "never again" is relentless. We go through the Jews' Holocaust museums. We watch their Holocaust movies and "tsk-tsk" about how few cared or helped. We read Eric Metaxas's splendid biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and wonder if we would have had the faith to leave New York and return to Germany?

And then we sit under Two-Kingdom pastors' preaching week after week and it's just enough of an inoculation against public Christian witness that it keeps us from showing up to provide a Christian witness against the slaughter of babies down the street from our local Kroger.

So, like Jesus, the babies also die alone. Christ's "little ones" slip into eternity without Christians mourning their passing or condemning their murder. 

No disciples of Jesus there to witness against the oppressors. No Reformed Christians there to offer the mothers help. To offer to take them into our homes. To provide prenatal care for their unborn baby. To offer to adopt their little one.

So inasmuch as we don't do it for the least of these, His brothers, we don't do it for Him.

We are the problem—pastors, elders, deacons, church, and people.

Meanwhile, around the world the Baby Holocaust is accelerating to terminal velocity, and that's without counting the very tiny babies aborted through chemical abortions.

We look down on Germans because of their Jewish Holocaust. We look down on Rwandans because of their Tutsi Holocaust. But as a Rwandan pastor preaching to our congregation a decade ago said, don't you look down on us for the slaughter of the Tutsis when you are slaughtering more little babies each year than all those who died in our genocide.

But oh, we do have our Christian principles and commitments.

We say we don't believe it's the church's place to work for Gospel transformation. That's the work of the Holy Spirit and it can only be accomplished in a regenerate heart. After all, pagans have always killed their children. That's what pagans do and the only solution is the Gospel preached in the context of a corporate worship of potent and reverent symbols, Psalm-singing, and covenant renewal liturgies that follow the order and logic of Old Testament sacrificial rituals.

Meanwhile, the members of our very conservative churches are out there at Planned Parenthood, not to picket, but to pay the abortion ghouls to rip their babies to shreds inside their wombs. And here are their justifications:

"I couldn't have a baby until I was done with college. But I wouldn't join a sorority! My Mom said the things that go on inside sororities are gross and Christians shouldn't pledge, so I didn't. I knew it wouldn't be a good Christian witness."

"I wasn't mature enough to handle marriage and I didn't want one of my children to start life with a single mom—especially among all the beautiful people at Cru. What am I gonna do? Show up at the large group meeting with a baby stroller and a diaper bag?"

"I couldn't talk her into having our baby. I tried but she got angry with me and I was afraid she'd have me arrested for stalking or put under a restraining order. No, I didn't ask her to marry me—she wasn't a Christian. I was drunk that night. It was just a one-night thing and I wasn't going to allow it to ruin my life. Anyway, my pastor would never have married us—we would have been 'unequally yoked'."

Here's what my Dad would say: when we look back at the German citizens of the Third Reich, we don't ask them what size their youth group was. We ask them what they said and did about the Jews.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

The church fiddles while babies are killed. What to do?

Shame your pastor. Shame your elders. Shame your deacons. Shame your campus staff workers. Shame your Christian college and seminary profs. Shaming them is not disrespectful of authority. It honors authority by disciplining it toward Godly wisdom and compassion.

Then work hard to make your church a safe place for single mothers. Do anything and everything you can to make your church a safe place for single mothers.

But finally, don't even hint to your daughters and sons that it's better to burn than to marry young or not finish their education.

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Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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