A Psalms concert for your church...

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We're praising God for the encouraging support we've received for our 'Psalms 1-10' Kickstarter campaign. As I write this we're 82% funded with 23 days yet to go. Amazing! Thanks to all our readers who have made pledges. If you haven't given yet, would you please consider doing so now? And then would you pass the project along to anyone and everyone you think might be interested?

Here's a good way to make a big boost to the project while giving an encouraging gift to your church...

Recordings and videos are nice, but what better way to introduce your church family to singing the psalms than with an old fashioned psalm-sing? In other words, we want to come play a concert at your church, so we're offering at the $1200 pledge level a complimentary concert for up to five churches (well, four now...one just went). This represents a significant savings over the band's usual fee, and we're happy to work with your church's leaders to schedule a date that's mutually convenient. I promise, it'll be an excellent and joyful event, and a spiritually beneficial time for your church. 

So talk to your church's leaders about this possibility, would you please? But you'll have to act fast. This offer is available only "while supplies last." 



Jody Killingsworth

Jody serves as worship pastor at Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. He is a lecturer at Clearnote Pastors College and frontman for My Soul Among Lions. You can find many of his musical contributions to the church over on the Clearnote Songbook.

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