Tim Keller answers the homosexualists, and well—as he is uniquely gifted for...

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Many times I've said my major disappointment with Tim Keller is that God has gifted him uniquely to stand for Biblical orthodoxy in our day. His command of the language and depth perception are obvious to everyone, and we praise God that here he has used his gifts well to warn sinners against their sin, and thus fulfill his ministry and glorify God.

Just now, a friend who spent more than a decade at Redeemer sent me this new review by Pastor Keller of two homosexualist works...

Matthew Vines's, God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same Sex Relationships (Convergent Books, 2014) and Ken Wilson's, A Letter to My Congregation (David Crum Media, 2014). Keller's review is excellent and I commend it to readers.

And when you're done reading, click through the links to the highlights of Redeemer's recent annual congregational meeting where we are pleased to see the congregation list "deacons" and "deaconesses." What a joy!

Tim Bayly

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