New England Patriots cheat... again...

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If Tom Brady had not cheated, it's almost certain the Indy Colts would have lost, anyway. This is not about the Colts.

That settled, this is what needs to be stated: Tom Brady lied. And lied and lied. To cover up his cheating. 

Beyond lying time after time, Brady was so brash as to refuse to provide NFL investigator Ted Wells with his text messages or e-mails pertinent to the investigation. Refused.

Brady is so clearly a cheater and liar that the Post's Adam Kilgore summarized the NFL's report this...


[The NFL's] report turned anyone who believed Brady into a fool. ...Wells presents enough evidence for only a blind sycophant to believe Brady had no say in the air pressure inside the balls.

But I suspected this months ago, and am not surprised.

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NOTE: After hearing a brother's complaint against my last sentence, I've changed it to make it more accurate.

Tim Bayly

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