The Mormons join the Evangelicals...

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Got an e-mail from Marriott yesterday and one of the links is to a web site marketing Marriott properties in Florida to lesbians and sodomites. Our children and grandchildren will grow up watching men play the woman and women play the man. They will be defended by mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters in our Armed Forces. The authorities over them in law, medicine, the judiciary, the White House, and even their policemen and prison guards will be women. And how's all of this working out for Christians?

We are not bothered. We're eager to tell people we don't believe in...

discrimination; that if any restaurant we were in kicked out the pair of sodomites making out in the booth next to us, we'd get up and leave. And on the beach? If these men got hot and heavy next to us, would we keep our children next to them?

Pictures like this are the public assault against the Seventh Commandment of God's Moral Law. They are an attack upon nature's law and nature's God and every last time our children see them...

whether in Sam's Club, a restaurant, the internet, the beach, the classroom, or the park, they are led astray. Even more so if their father and mother teach their children that these crimes against God and man are to be met with a very-spiritual nonchalance: "Hey, son, it's no big deal. Look at how polite I am to the sodomites kissing in the supermarket line in front of us. No sign of revulsion from me. I'm evangelistic, but without that repentance thing. After they come to church and are saved and baptized, someone will tell them they should be men."

You know, I don't mind Christians living under persecution and banned to our ghettos. What I do mind is Christians refusing to proclaim God's Law and Gospel. What I do mind is Christians going silently into the dark night.

And it all started with Christians being unwilling to use their real names when blogging and commenting on the internet.

I might add that the sin we're seeing on the growth curve among young college students, including those from Christian homes, is bisexuality. Can any of us seriously claim to be surprised?


Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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