Francis: Evangelical preaching "almost a sacrament"...

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Pope Francis wrote a private e-mail to an Argentine friend recently in which he expressed concern over Argentina's growing drug trade, adding he hoped there would not be a Mexicanización of Argentina. His comment was released and caused a fuss, so Francis gave a wide-ranging interview to a Mexican journalist in which he cleaned up after his private comment. The interview was broadcast yesterday on the second anniversary of Francis's elevation to the papacy. It was wide-ranging and included this discussion of the difference between Roman Catholic and Evangelical preaching:

Characterizing much Roman Catholic preaching as "disastrous," Francis went on...

"I do not know if they are the majority—but they do not reach the heart. They are lessons in theology and are abstract or long and this is why I devoted so much space to them in Evangeli Gaudium. Typically evangelicals are close to the people, they aim for the heart and prepare their homilies really well. I think we have to have a conversion in this. The Protestant concept of the homily is much stronger than the Catholic. It’s almost a sacrament.”

Tim Bayly

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