Chattering class summoning its courage to call God mentally ill...

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(by Father Bill) An essay over at Red State titled, "Religion: a looming mental health crisis..." has a chilling survey of contemporary opinions among the psychiatric professionals concerning whether or not they should designate racism, sexism (i.e. non- or anti-egalitarians), and homophobia (opposition to gays and their modern agendas) as mental disorders liable to "treatment." Especially helpful are the links the writer provides to psychiatric professionals discussing the value of such designations.

The author notes how political opposition in the Soviet Union was handled in this way: those opposed to Communism received a medical diagnosis of mental illness. I always knew this was true but I was reminded of it by my brother-in-law, a recently retired USA Colonel now working at Fort Benning as head of a discipleship ministry among military personnel. 

Not long ago, one of his students had a run-in with the Army's Equal Opportunity Department—bureaucrats paid by U.S. taxpayers to brainwash current members of the Army with the latest egalitarian and homosexualist thinking...

My brother-in-law commented that the Army's Equal Opportunity Department personnel now have a function identical to the political officers assigned at all levels of the old Soviet military table of organization—they were political gatekeepers who enforced Communist ideology throughout the military, including authority over military commanders. So today in the U.S. armed forces there is a growing culture of bullying by military women who only need to threaten a complaint to the EO folks to get their way with their superior or to extract revenge against anyone else. The mere hint of a charge of sexism and everyone rolls over.

On the civilian front, however, it appears that once the psychiatric professionals are on board with diagnosing patriarchalists and homophobes as mentally ill, political authorities will mandate the removal of such folk from the body politic until their illness has been successfully treated. It's already begun. Consider the various sensitivity training seminars required by major corporations and whole departments of local, state, and federal government. Consider individual sentences handed down by judges against malefactors brought before them who are given punitive sentences or judgments by virtue of their supposed sexism or homophobia.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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