Track and field's "intersexed"...

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Here's a post by a man who had a surgeon try to change him into a woman. He's giving the history of the "intersexed" in track and field and here are a few comments on his piece by one of our U.K. correspondents:

It's curious, as long as the egalitarian world desires women to be able to compete on the world stage as athletes it is necessary for them to enforce defined distinctions between male and female (otherwise no women would qualify competing against men for a spot on the Olympic team)—yet this is something that is resisted in many liberal circles who decry the 'binary' definition of sex as 'male' or 'female'. 

It is also odd seeing secularists pushing so hard to keep hold of segregated competition with respect to sex. Seems very out of date on their terms! 

About ten years ago, I was in a car on the way to a couple hours of tennis doubles with two of my more educated and enlightened relatives on my wife's side. We had just a few minutes in the car, but it was enough to hear some radio announcer going on about how unfair it was that...

women weren't allowed to compete with men in this or that sport. As we arrived at the courts, one of my relatives remarked to the other that it was only sexism and men's insecurity that kept women and men from competing head to head.

I was astounded to hear such foolishness and asked them both, "You really believe that?"

"Yes," they said, they really did believe that.

Not quite convinced I'd heard them right, I repeated my question: "You both think in general women could hold their own with men in any sport?"

They said of course. Any idiot knew it was so.

Feminists hate truth. They prefer assertion.

Tim Bayly

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