Ethanol is toxic to small engines...

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After paying once too many times to have a carburetor cleaned or rebuilt, I made a commitment I have not swerved from since. I never—and I mean never—put gas in a gas can without first pouring in an ounce or two (depending on the size of the gas can) regular or marine-grade Staybil. Ethanol is destroying the small engines in our garages and, unless you have a gas station nearby that sells ethanol-free gas, you must treat your gas.

The Minneapolis StarTribune reports...

On its website, Yamaha outboards cites a Department of Energy study that “found that E15 caused hotter operating temperatures, erratic running, and engine-part failure,” adding, “but even gas with the usual 10 percent ethanol [E10] could help destroy small engines.”

Yamaha goes on to advise: “If at all possible, do not use E10 fuel.”

Fuel stabilizers such as Sta-Bil can mitigate possible problems with E10, Yamaha says, but notes: “Stabilizers do not help fuel that has already aged. Stabilizers are most effective when immediately added to fuel fresh from the gas station or marina fuel pump.”

Since adopting the Staybil habit, I've had the added benefit that I've never had to pull my starter cords more than a couple times. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Tim Bayly

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