R2K hipsters want the PCA to merge with the PC(USA)...

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To those who wonder why I left the PCA, most of it had to do with our pastors college and church planting with Clearnote Fellowship, our local presbytery. Then too, it was so tiring living in the middle this sort of faithlessness in my General Assembly work and on the floor of GA and presbytery meetings. This article is taken from the byFaith blog. Thus I suppose they would claim copyright. But really, there's nothing creative here to warrant copyright. They pulled the faithless words out of the public meeting of the Overtures Committee. Then there's the fact that byFaith consistently gags good comments and has been doing so for years. So I figure there ought to be one place where people are really free to leave comments (while of course abiding by our commenting rules).

To the issue at hand: the PCA General Assembly is meeting and its Overtures Committee just shot down the following overture using the following reasoning. The battle is all around them and they fear confessing Christ will jeopardize their hipster church planting.

You know, not one of these guys who lectured the other commissioners on the committee and Savanna River Presbytery about the danger of this statement has ever counselled or admonished or rebuked or excommunicated or encouraged or hugged or kissed (with a holy kiss) one single homosexual. It's clear from their whining that they don't know a thing about evangelizing or ministering to men tempted by same-sex intimacy. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Then, you add the R2K spirituality of the church nonsense and we have a hipster/R2K perfect storm of cowardice...

May God bless our dear brother, Fred Greco, as once again he seeks to stem the tide, working with other brothers to get this minority report out of the Overtures Committee and adopted by the full assembly: 

Be it resolved that the Presbyterian Church in America expresses its gratitude to the Lord for sustaining by His grace ministers of the gospel, chaplains, and Christians serving in the public sphere who are experiencing ostracism, penalties, and persecution for taking a Biblically faithful stand for the sanctity of human life and declining to participate in the cultural redefinition of marriage.

Be it further resolved that the General Assembly pause and offer prayer to the Lord on behalf of such ministers of the gospel, chaplains, and Christians.

* * *

Meanwhile, this from byFaith:

On June 16, the Overtures Committee voted 49-23-2 to answer Overture 43 in the negative. The overture, submitted by Savannah River Presbytery, calls the General Assembly to do the following:

 . . . to go on record expressing its gratitude to and prayers for corporations, public and private for-profit and non-profit entities, chaplains and others who have taken a stand for the sanctity of human life, and to the Christian men and women in private businesses facing fines, penalties, and ostracism for declining out of religious conviction to provide their services for same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Considering that the denomination already holds a firm stance on the issue of homosexuality (as expressed in Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter 24.1-2), the majority of commissioners believe that issuing such a statement to the public would do more harm than good. Particularly for those ministering to those in the gay community, such a statement might create additional barriers to sharing the gospel by singling out this particular sin over others.

“It does a real disservice to those in more cutting edge environments trying to be salt and light,” one commissioner said.

Others questioned whether this is the issue we want to be known for as a denomination. Another commissioner pointed out that the Assembly doesn’t typically issue a series of press releases stating its position on all issues–such as concern for the poor or opposition to greed. Why make a statement about this particular issue and not others, especially since it is difficult to express the complexity and nuances of this stance to a culture that operates in sound bites?

Those in favor of the overture, however, said that such a statement simply shows solidarity for those who have been ostracized or boycotted for their commitment to a biblical view of marriage. TE Fred Greco informed the Committee moderator that a minority report will be issued.

“We hope through the creation of a minority report to give the Assembly an opportunity to choose to pray for Christians who are facing difficulties, and who feel the pressures that society is bringing upon the church. The intent isn’t to single out any particular sin or to provide a comprehensive list of things we should pray for, but rather to express gratitude to the Lord for sustaining Christians in times of trouble.”

The minority report will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Rev. Dr. Andrew Dionne comments:

Strange that the commissioners would oppose this overture because it "singles out" the sin of homosexuality when the overture is about more than one of the sins of our culture (The overture mentions sanctity of human life and same-sex mirage.). Have PCA men borrowed a page from the playbook of our liberal cultural elites who trot out homophobia whenever sexuality is mentioned whatever the context? The utter pride of those who would state that they work in "more cutting edge environments" lecturing those out in the boonies who, like, you know, don't have to deal with sexual perversion. This pride coupled with a smug disdain toward those who have been forced to own their faith in the public square is horrible. Bring out the minority report.

My dear Mary Lee just read this post and commented:

I was just thinking, "I've been there," and then I thought "no, that was the PC(USA)!"

Tim Bayly

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