Clearnote pastors' written prayers, set forms, and clothing...

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In light of the discussions concerning "set," "fixed," or "written" prayers, worship forms, as well as the clothing worn by pastors, let me clarify a few things. First, here at Clearnote Church, Bloomington, we regularly (weekly) use...

written prayers and confessions of faith in morning worship. Second, we normally use Calvin and Knox's Geneva liturgy for the Lord's Supper—both prayers and exhortations. Third, we follow Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer liturgy during every graveside committal service and we stricly adhere to its every word in every one of our wedding ceremonies. In fact, those of us who are pastors in Clearnote Fellowship are required to use Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer wedding liturgy, including the warnings, the listing of the three purposes of marriage, and the bride's promise to "obey" her husband. Finally, we use the Presbyterian (1948) Book of Common Worship for our funeral services.

Concerning the minster's uniform when leading worship, we do not "dress down" from our normal clothing worn during the week. We dress up while not dressing ostentatiously. I used to dress far above my congregation, but I've repented of doing so. For a short time I drove a used Lexus, but I publicly repented of doing so. To my congregation. We used to be snobs with music, but we've repented of doing so. I used to use the NIV, but I've repented of doing so. I used to want my daughters to be brilliant and pursue excellence, but I've repented. I used to be proud, but now, to quote my dear late father-in-law, I'm proud of my humility.

I used never to speak or write "ya'll," but now do so unashamedly.

The above to say that no one should think that the discussion of written prayers and set forms and special clothing for worship leadership is a matter about which anyone at Clearnote is doctrinaire. We think it's helpful to us all to argue about it, and thus Jody's and David Wegener's helpful posts and your excellent comments.

So if you happen to be nursing feelings of persecution, don't cry. Just work harder to make your own case and to (kindly) show the holes in the arguments of those with whom you disagree.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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