President Barack Obama, our First Victim...

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President Obama lied to distance himself from his uncle. They're selling it as something less, but come on. A couple years ago when his uncle was arrested for drunken driving, the president's spokesman assured the press that their boss had never met the man. No sir, never met the man.

Now though, two years later, it comes out the president did know the man. In fact, the president lived with the man. Barack Obama moved to a Boston suburb to start studying at some law school near MIT, and when he hit Cambridge town, his uncle, Onyango Obama, was kind enough to take him into his home.

Boston's a small town and Cambridge is smaller...

Of course Barack Obama knew the man! They were uncle and nephew and they both lived in Cambridge! Duh. "Hey, Uncle Onyango, I got accepted at a law school there where you live and I need a place to stay. Any chance you could put me up at your place for a while? Mom said I should call and ask."

So President Obama denied knowing his uncle who, from kindness, allowed him to live in his home while young Barack got his start at law school. To the list of condescension, betrayal of his vow to uphold our Constitution, and baby bloodlust, now add ingrate.

Had President Obama used his office to help his uncle get a green card, I would not have objected. Had he acknowledged his personal debt to his uncle and used his occupancy of the White House to get Uncle Onyango citizenship, I would have been proud of him for going against his grain to demonstrate some milk of human compassion.

Instead, the President of these United States denied knowing his own uncle, and that is disgusting.

Putting out the story that his spokesman hadn't asked him the question directly, two years ago, is the sort of sneaky lie I'd expect from our First Intellectual. From the time he took office he has not stopped blaming everyone else for everything.

If my memory is right, President Reagan had a little piece of wood on his Oval Office desk which bore the message, "A lot more gets done when no one takes the credit." President Obama's says, "It wasn't my fault! Johnie made me do it!"

It may be the most disgusting trait of postmoderns that their appetite for victimhood seems insatiable.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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