New Year greetings under the pen name "Vladimir Putin"...

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Breitbart has put out a new year greeting they attribute to Vladimir Putin. The fake oped piece begins:

Happy New Year to all you decadent and dictatorial Americans. Yes, I mean you, the people of the United States, where an elite of non-democratic dictators trickles its immorality—and incompetence—down upon the masses.

What do I mean? Aren’t you Americans supposed to be free? Sure, you are free: You are free to obey the ukase—that’s an old czarist word for a decree that must be obeyed, or else—of a judge acting on an ideological agenda. So the judge is free to do as he pleases, and then you are free to do what you’re told to do. Americans, how do you like that kind of “freedom”?

For example, let’s look at the way the debate over homosexual marriage has played out over the past few years in the USA. The American people were confronted with the issue of homosexual marriage, debated it, and then voted against it in the tens of millions; dozens of US states passed specific laws to ban homosexual marriage.

So then what happened? I’ll tell you what happened: Unelected judges simply overrode the will of the people—and legalized such marriage in much of the country, including the largest state, California. In other words, the judges acted as dictators to overturn not only the laws of America, but also the law of God; these are spelled out clearly in both the Bible and in the Christian tradition...

So now we see the key difference between Russia and America: In Holy Mother Russia, the Bible and Christianity are celebrated in the public square. But not in America.

To sum up: America has a dictatorship that imposes anti-Biblical immorality. That’s your idea of freedom—and you can have it. Here in Russia, we prefer real freedom: our right to choose the true path. Our right to choose virtue.

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Tim Bayly

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