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Two good pieces, both pointing out that leaders are rarely as bad or as good as conventional wisdom tells us. This on Microsoft's about-to-retire CEO, Steve Ballmer, and this on Apple's late CEO, Steve Jobs. Says Sculley, Jobs "learned a lot in those years in the wilderness." And if you're interested, this interview with Sculley is fascinating, although prior to Steve Jobs death and therefore not as blunt and wise.

Here's a good review of the new iPhone 5s by Anand Lal Shimpi whose site, Anandtech, is the best tech review site on the web. People have a tendency to believe Apple's hype about style...

and, as a result, dismiss Apple's technical sophistication. Geeks are ugly, so they think only ugly phones can excel technically. Note carefully, then, what Anand says about the sophistication and discipline of Apple's processor strategies starting on the second page "A7 SoC Explained" of his review. And if you wonder whether Anand is right about Apple's wisdom in sticking with dual-core, check out this piece on GigaOm: "the iPhone 5s ...was shown to handily outperform every quad-core Android phone it went up against."

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BTW, when I mention Apple, it's normal for readers to start huffing and puffing and spitting and burping and venting their spleens. Save it, please. David and I have been using technology for too many years to have stars in our eyes. So say something interesting. It can be commendatory or critical as long as it's neither love nor hate. And I'll start: I wish I could get an iPhone with a larger screen and AT&T's microcell is maybe the worst piece of tech I've ever owned.

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