R2K: If you're gonna outlaw baby slaughter, you gotta outlaw Moslems, Roman Catholics, and Jews...

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I don't want to direct anyone to Darryl Hart's blog, but here's a short exchange Darrell Todd Maurina just had with Darryl Hart that is so typical of R2K men that I deposit it here for permanent reference. As always, they claim that any law that enforces any one of the Second Table of God's Moral Law requires the civil magistrate also to enforce the laws of the First Table of God's Moral Law. Thus they claim the man who wants the civil magistrate to prohibit the wholesale slaughter of the unborn (abortion) must also shutter every Islamic mosque, Roman Catholic cathedral, and Jewish synagogue...

The sophistry boggles one's mind, but here you have it:

DARRELL TODD MAURINA (DTM): Dr. Hart, I want to make sure I have understood you. You do support laws against abortion, don't you? Also, you do believe abortion should be illegal, right? It seems exceedingly unlikely that you have taken a libertarian position on the government turning a blind eye to the mass murder of unborn babies, but maybe I've missed statements by you to that effect.

On your other question, I trust you understand that there is a huge difference between the government prohibiting murder and the government prohibiting sale of 20-oz soft drinks. The two issues are not moral equivalents. One is the proper role of the government in accord with Romans 13 and many other passages of Scripture. The other is an extension of the civil magistrate into a sphere where it has no biblical warrant for action.

DARRYL HART: DTM, On the church intermeddling, check out WCF 31.4. On the state and my body, do you favor the prohibition of super-sizing? I thought you were a small govt. conservative. (If so, please explain how a state law against abortion squares with that. Where do you draw the line between a woman’s uterine (sic) and my stomach or lungs? “It’s obvious” is not an option.) If you think that abortion is wrong, as I do, how do you what (sic) the state is supposed to do? Idolatry is wrong, right? So the state shuts down mosques and cathedrals and synagogues? You still haven’t understood the difference between politics and Christian morality. (D. G. Hart posted June 15, 2013 at 12:59 pm)

R2K men aren't Christians with a certain political argument but libertarians with a certain Christian argument by which they hope to shore up their political philosophy of each man doing that which is right in his own eyes.

NOTE: There is no link to the original because there are a few sites I'm committed never to promoting with a link. Darryl Hart commented here on Baylyblog earlier today and linked to his site in that comment (which I allowed). Two links in one day, though...

Of course, any time we don't provide links, it's the work of a moment to take two or three words from the text and search for their home—and engage in the original debate, there.

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