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A friend forwarded me this statement by Mr. Matthew Tuininga, an Escondido man who promotes Horton, Hart, and VanDrunen's Radical Two-Kingdom (R2K) error. Listing the following three propositions, Tuininga follows them with a declaration that leaves the reader wondering whether Tuininga's been out in the desert eating mushrooms for the past decade:

the Magistrate is subject to both tables of God’s law
the Magistrate is subject to the authority of God’s Word
the Magistrate is ordained to advance the kingdom of Christ

I’m not aware of any two kingdoms theologian who would dispute the first two points.

Maybe awareness is not Mr. Tuininga's strong suit? For the life of me, I can't fathom the man thinking he could get away with this statement...

R2K men spend their lives scorning simple Christians who bear witness to God's Law in the public square, and now we're being asked to believe not one of these R2K men would dispute that the civil magistrate is to submit to the authority of God's Moral Law—both tables, no less! Nor is there one of them who would dispute the necessity of the civil magistrate submitting to God's Word.

Boggles the mind.

Or maybe not. This might be one more example of R2K men saying one thing and meaning another. Say, for instance, there's a man who can simultaneously scoff at those Christians who call the civil magistrate to submit to the authority of God's Law and Word while not disputing that the civil magistrate should submit to the authority of God's Law and Word?

In the car on family vacations, Joseph and I used to regale the family with raucous renditions of a song we'd learned from a CD privately recorded by a friend who worked at CT:

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