The difference between pro-life and anti-antiabortion...

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If there’s one thing I have been convinced of over the years, it’s that some Pro Life® organizations try balancing an apparent allegiance to God’s “no” with a false notion of propriety. I say “balance," but what it comes down to is that some of these organizations absolutely will not ever say “no,” but then they’ll tell you “no!” when you actually say God’s “no”…you know?

Saying God’s “no” is antithetical to the peace they enjoy, but their peace is only what the world has to offer. God's "no" disrupts the equilibrium of an otherwise airy existence...

But then when someone else says God’s “no," it draws attention to the fact these Pro Life® groups won't say "no," and it’s embarrassing, really. Why they refuse to say “no” is quite principled, we’re assured; but I think it boils down to the following:

  • A false sense of propriety, and
  • Self-preservation

Some may balk at my number two, but keep in mind that there is no Pro Life® movement unless abortion continues. There are ministries and careers to preserve—not just babies. But more, no one wants to give money to organizations that are impolite. These groups need our money for their salaries.

Take, for instance, Oklahoma's Holy Innocents Foundation (HIF), a group dedicated to the adoration of the Eucharist on behalf of the unborn...

HIF is located 20 feet from their local abortuary (they draw attention to this fact on their website):

Both the abortuary and HIF are located in what appears to be a commercial park, meaning each building owner can exercise their property rights.

HIF’s Roman Catholic witness against the child-murder going on a mere twenty feet away has been largely silent, but then Evangelicals called Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) began to testify from HIF's property lines. They assumed HIF was their co-belligerent so they preached God’s “no” and offered assistance to those planning to murder their babies. Then started the conflict.

HIF worked in concert with the other businesses in the business park to file a police report with inaccuracies about what AHA has been saying and doing, and HIF labeled the AHA Evangelicals a "hate group."

When one antiabortion group is called a "hate group" by another, typically it means the organization attacking the "hate group" doesn't like the "hate group's" words and actions and they fear any association with them. It's my conviction that what usually underlies that fear is a sense of shame at the second group's courageous and sacrificial words and actions.

Reading between the lines of HIF’s own account, it sounds like they actually spearheaded the debacle. Notice the url “response to ‘abolish human abortion’ agitators." (In case HIF kills the link, here’s a pdf of its present content). Note this statement:

We asked the other owners their opinions and they said leave it be.

Leave what be?

The AHA group. Sounds like the other businesses were shrewd and, hating conflict, were content simply to ignore AHA. But not the anti-antiabortion Pro Life group HIF:.

After multiple calls to WAPD from other office complex residents, the police asked and it was unanimous that they (AHA) should remain on public space not on private.

In order to witness, AHA needed to be on HIF’s property. Notice HIF’s attempt at distancing itself from these calls. It says there were multiple calls from other office complex residents. I wonder if they mean multiple calls from employees in their own complex? Maybe from their complex and the abortion mill complex? The other businesses wanted to be hands-off until the police department entered into the equation.

HIF dips their hands in the ceremonial bowl to remove any appearance of guilt… the decision was unanimous they tell us… AHA should remain on public space. HIF’s hands are tied. You see, it was a democratic vote.

No, it’s HIF’s property and they brag about it being a mere twenty feet away from the abortuary. The other businesses did not trump HIF’s property rights: HIF purposed to block AHA from testifying against abortion.

Today, if AHA members speak God's "no" within that commercial park, there will be police intervention because HIF said "no" to God's "no."

HIF tells us how effective their ministry is in comparison to AHA. HIF has saved 6 babies with a full-time staff, volunteers, donations, Eucharistic adoration, and a conveniently located piece of property. Also by barring another group that is actually anti-abortion from Protestant preaching on their property. By an unfunded group of men who preach for no pay as their work schedules allow. Through God's power, these Evangelicals have saved two babies. ...that they know of.

May God bless the efforts of these faithful men, and He bring HIF to repentance.

For those who think it's possible AHA is testifying in an unseemly way, here is a typical example of their witness.

Craig French is a former deacon and member at Christ the Word (PCA) in Toledo, OH. He and his wife Tai have four daughters.