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Here on Baylyblog, David and I are pastors first, second, and last. Thus it is our purpose to call men and women who are former gays or lesbians, fornicators and adulterers, those unbiblically divorced alongside gossips and materialists growing old with their first wife to be witnesses to their neighbors and thus to fulfill the law of love.

Sincere Christians willing to obey their Lord in this matter of loving their neighbor by being salt and light ought not to be ridiculed and shamed into silence by professional intellectuals claiming the Name of Christ. We aim to protect them from this abuse. By exposing the Biblical and spiritual—not to mention theological, legal, and historical—errors of R2K, it's our purpose to create a safe space for faithful men and women of God to witness to their Lord without fear of...

being browbeaten by pastors and theologians who leave them shamed, confused, intimidated, and thus loveless and silent. 

R2K precisionists tell these simple Christians their witness is counterproductive, naive, untheological, stupid, unhelpful, not making the proper distinctions between this gobbledygook and that gobbledygook, and the end result is salt that isn't salty for fear of salting in the wrong time and the wrong place with the wrong grain and the wrong citation at the wrong time in the wrong forum with the wrong clothing driving the wrong car with the wrong hitch and the wrong ball size and the wrong hairdo and the wrong lineage and the wrong weapon and the wrong hopes—all in the very, very wrong century.

It's hard enough to speak the Gospel of repentance and faith when your job and family relations are threatened for doing so, but if you arrive Home to the Reformed church and run into R2K men screaming at you to shut up (and no, I don't think "screaming" is too strong a word) because you're naive and uninformed of critical distinctions that apply; that you ought to have let smart men (like them) decide where and when to speak, and how before you went and opened up your big trap; please tell me, who would ever open his big fat trap again? It only brings him grief at his annual review, grief at the family reunion, and then the disdain back Home at church of his nit-picky elders and pastor who want him to wait until they've decided when and how he should speak before he speaks again.

We're convinced that waiting for their permission is hopeless because R2K men will never speak and their whole debate is the method by which they justify their silence. (No, not all of them, but many or most.)

Being called and set apart by the laying on of hands and prayer to shepherd God's flock and remembering how the Apostle Paul was loved by the Church—not ridiculed and abused—when he returned from preaching to the Areopagus and the Ephesian metalworkers, David and I would rather have a whole cloud of witnesses making errors of logic and application while seeking to be found faithful than one man who passes muster with the endless distinctions of the R2K complicationists.

If the simple Christian lawyers and civil magistrates and professors reading Baylyblog and worshipping in the churches we serve are encouraged to be faithful as the Apostle Paul was faithful across the Roman Empire, we would be filled with joy that in this evil day when every man of God seems to be running for cover, something missional and Gospel-centered has happened among us despite ourselves.

Quite a bit of pastoral care consists of encouraging believers to make mistakes in the right direction, by faith. That's the meaning of the Apostle Paul's declaration that we have this treasure in jars of clay; it's the meaning of Calvin's statement that God could have sent angels to preach to us but He chose sinful men, instead, so we would be humbled by being fed by our inferiors.

Inferiors like David and me.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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