Selling rebellion to church planters...

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Apple "Think Different" logoI just got a special invitation to hang out a Google+ Hangout with another church planter named Vince Antonucci. The same email was also pushing a book that Vince just wrote:

Vince has started two churches, most recently Verve in Las Vegas.  He just released his third book, Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant to be Safe, which challenges you to live radically. to live the life of a renegade - a person who rejects conventional behavior, who refuses to do what others are doing, and who realizes there’s a different beat they can dance to—and it’s better.

What is going on here? I'll never forget watching "Merchants of Cool," the PBS special on how marketers try to make you feel unique and special by...

buying the same thing that millions of other people are buying. Apple perfected it.

Now I don't think Vince wrote this promo. As a matter of fact, I don't know much about the book or Vince, but after I read the reviews on Amazon, I doubt this promo is an accurate reflection of what the book is about. So I'm not down on the book.

What is interesting to me is that Church Planter Profiles knows church planters quite well. And what they know is that we are just as addicted to feeling like we are Thinking Different as... wait for it... everybody else.

Joseph and his wife, Heidi, have five children, Tate, Eliza Jane, Moses, Fiona and Annabel. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and Clearnote Pastors College. He is currently planting Christ Church in Cincinnati with several other families.