Sham separation of church and state...

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Doug Wilson writes, "On the separation of church and state, ...separating the government of the church from the government of the state (a valuable thing to do, and a political invention of conservative Christians) is not the same thing as separating the state from morality, or the state from virtue, or the state from ultimate questions, or the state from God."

This is the right response of the people of God to pagans who argue that our public opposition to sodomy is really a ploy toward the installation of our elders board in the Senate. We respond, no, there are two separate authorities--the civil magistrate and the ecclesiastical officer--and we have no desire to conflate the two or make them one. Some men might hold both offices at the same time, but even then, they remain two distinct offices.

Thus separation of church and state has presented no obstacle to a Harvard alumnus and University of Chicago professor serving in the U.S. Senate and White House. Yes he belongs to the Temple of Higher Education and has been granted entry to its priesthood. Yes he's a known adherent of the universally recognized set of morals his Temple promulgates. Yes he's known as a paragon of those very pagan virtues most prized by the Temple's converts. And as for ultimate questions and God, our President is so very pious that he has made public his readiness to offer his own grandchildren as burnt offerings to His Temple's gods...

What is Secularism if not a religion? And what is Higher Education if not Secularism's Temple? And what are professors if not Secularism's priests? And what is sexual perversion if not Secularism's sacraments? How else does one explain the massive deaths of Castro District sodomites or the tens of millions of unborn children than ritual bloodshed? These pagans have their sacraments and shrines and pilgrimages and temple prostitutes and ritual bloodlettings. They even have their own rituals of death with no viewing of the loved one's body, no funeral, and no burial because there is no life after death and no waiting for the Resurrection and no God Who made them from dust and returns them to dust. So they burn their bodies up and throw their ashes into the wind as an offering to fire, air, and sea.

Don't you agree that a rational nation would bar Secularism's priests from holding any civil office in its land since it's long been demonstrated they employ public office for nothing other than forcing their citizens into the worship of their bloodthirsty demon gods?

The difference between the Temple's Secularism and the Church of the Living God is that the Temple drives men to Hell whereas the Church calls men to Heaven; the Temple worships at the altars of pride and immorality whereas the Church worships at the foot of the Cross of the Spotless Lamb of God; the Temple indoctrinates the weak and foolish in propaganda and lies whereas the Church serves those with eyes to see and ears to hear by faithfully standing as the pillar and foundation of the Truth and calling all men of their own free will to repentance and faith in the Only True God Who is holy and merciful and true.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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