Marine officer loses feminine privilege of childbearing...

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This morning I was shocked to read in the Marine Corps Gazzette, "the "professional journal of the U.S. Marines,"

As of now, the Marine Corps hasn’t been directed to integrate, but perhaps the Corps is anticipating the inevitable—DoD pressuring the Corps to comply with DACOWITS’ agenda as the Army has already “rogered up” to full integration. Regardless of what the Army decides to do, it’s critical to emphasize that we are not the Army; our operational speed and tempo, along with our overall mission as the Nation’s amphibious force-in-readiness, are fundamentally different than that of our sister Service. By no means is this distinction intended as disrespectful to our incredible Army. My main point is simply to state that the Marine Corps and the Army are different; even if the Army ultimately does fully integrate all military occupational fields, that doesn’t mean the Corps should follow suit.

Did you get that? "It's critical to emphasize that we are not the Army."

Nate Crum is hiding a smile; John Alberson and David, David, and Thomas Crum are laughing; Jim Hogue is suitably rebuked (although he may take some comfort from that bit about "our incredible Army").

But seriously, here's a female Marine officer...

exposing the idiocy of the women in combat mania mowing down everything in its path across our Armed Forces. The title of her piece is "Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal!"--her words, not mine. Better to have put it "we are not all created the same." But in  context, the meaning of her words is clear and quite right.

After two combat deployments, one Iraq and the other Afganistan, this poor woman is no longer able to bear children. She writes:

Five years later, I am physically not the woman I once was and my views have greatly changed on the possibility of women having successful long careers while serving in the infantry. I can say from firsthand experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, and not just emotion, that we haven’t even begun to analyze and comprehend the gender-specific medical issues and overall physical toll continuous combat operations will have on females.

Anyhow, read the article and contact your senator or representative to disband that foolish group of ideologues harming our national defense called the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service (DACOWITS).

(Thanks, Daniel M.)

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