Chief Justice Roberts "grew"...

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"It's constitutional, b_tches." -Tweet by Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee and former top White House aid to President Obama, Patrick Gaspard (born in Kinshasa, Zaire)

Notice how total the reversal of the Court’s role has been. It began with the duty, according to Hamilton, of striking down new seizures of power by Congress. Now it finds constitutional virtually everything Congress chooses to do. The federal government has assumed myriads of new powers nowhere mentioned or implied in the Constitution, yet the Court has never seriously impeded this expansion, or rather explosion, of novel claims of power. What it finds unconstitutional are the traditional powers of the states. -Joe Sobran years ago in "How Tyranny Came to America"

Sad day for Chief Justice Roberts. He found a way to make nice but it required him to abandon the merits of the case and his own integrity. He himself decided to uphold nationalized health care and he did it by claiming it is the very thing President Obama denied. Chief Justice Roberts is so very helpful. Hopeful.

President Obama rammed the leviathan through Congress by endlessly denying it was a tax.

President Obama: "This is absolutely not a tax..."

But when he sent his lawyers in to SCOTUS to defend his legacy, he reversed himself and claimed nationalized health care is a tax. In other words, he had lied to us--our President, that is--and Chief Justice Roberts saw the path to his "growth" (as the NYT would put it) lay through that lie...

Honestly, I can come to no judgment other than that this was another one of those useful lies that are the normal method used by our public servants to ram through radical social change. I am disgusted by this craven act by Chief Justice Roberts. His words today in issued in the majority opinion upholding nationalized health care have little to do with the merits of the case and much to do with politics and Chief Justice Roberts' personal reputation.

Again and again SCOTUS appointees of Republican presidents betray their former legal commitments and break their vows to submit to our U. S. Constitution. Moving inside the Beltway makes it next to impossible to live in integrity of word and action and no one has more pressure on them to cave than SCOTUS justices.

Read the dissent by the men (get that?) who honored their vows. They honor the rule of law.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and big lots of grandchildren.

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