Welcome to the new BaylyBlog!

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Joseph, Ben and I are very happy to present the new BaylyBlog! We hope you like what we've done to the place. Please take some time to look around. And while you check out the new design—I think Ben did a bang-up job, myself—you can also take advantage of a few of the new features:

  • The most important new feature for our users is the search functionality. Joseph worked hard on this one, and it really paid off. Every single blog post ever written on BaylyBlog has been indexed, and you can find it easily by typing something in the search box. When you arrive on the search page, you can filter search results down by blog tags and by publish date. You vaguely remember a post about trebuchet's and pumpkins, but you're not sure when it was posted? That's easy to find.
  • David and Tim can now feature particular posts that will appear in the slideshow at the top of the site. They can feature any one of the thousands of posts, making it easy to bring important topics back to mind.
  • The side-bar is now much more helpful and much better organized. David and Tim can now promote conferences and events more prominently. Blog tags are helpfully sorted by usage, giving the user an idea of the relative importantance of the tag. A recent comments block, along with a recent comments feed, is listed. And the links to other blogs and ministries don't seem so imposing now that they are no longer in one big list.
  • Another great feature Joseph provided is the "Related Posts" block that will appear at the top of the sidebar when viewing a single post. By his own admission, he spent a couple hours going through old posts that were suggested to him as he was working on the site.

Again, we hope you enjoy the new blog. If you see anything out of place, don't hesitate to contact me. Happy reading!

Lucas Weeks

Lucas serves as an assistant pastor at Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Indiana. Although he pines for the warm, tropical weather that was familiar to him growing up in west and central Africa, he has since made peace with the harsher climes of North America.

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