Wealth's deceitfulness is deceitful...

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For the sake of putting it to rest, let us one last time work to clarify why we raised the subject of money in our opposition to John MacArthur's New International Version 2011 Study Bible.

A wise brother put it this way. All financial motives aren't those of Silas Marner and Scrooge McDuck. When men build their ministries, they may well not be a Scrooge McDuck and yet kingdom and money and legacy are interrelated and money helps keep score. We're not concerned that publishing his life's work of study notes on the Bible provides John MacArthur the means to buy fancy suits and fast cars. We're sure John wears old suits and drives slow cars. If anyone thought our point was so shallow, we apologize...

What we have been trying to say is that money and sales and royalties are one of the principal ways non-profit businesses keep score and provide for the future. There are men shallow enough to be owned by crystal cathedrals while others are enticed by seeing their life's work assured future distribution. Keep in mind that the NIV2011 is the modern version of Scripture at the top of all the best selling lists in the English speaking world.

And thus we've hammered home the point that no man is beyond being deceived by wealth, particularly the sort of wealth that builds kingdoms and legacies.

Over the years, David and I have often warned against the corruption of the Church by the non-profit kingdom-building that is fueled by speakers fees and salaries and royalties. We have said the best thing to do with what the Christian Booksellers Association (now renamed the Association for Christian Retail) has become would be to take a few hammers and whips to their annual convention and clean the place out. It makes the moneychangers in the Temple look tame by comparison.

And over the years I've made the above suggestion personally, to some of the more successful men in the world of Evangelical publishing--men who are my relatives and David's and my friends. Each time I ended the proposal with this statement: "If you'll join me, I'll do it. We'll have to suffer a little jail time, but everyone in Evangelical publishing will breathe a huge sigh of relief and say, 'It was a nasty job, but somebody had to do it.'"

They all smiled.

(TB & DB)