What do Paulites and R2Kites have in common...

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My dear wife says this post is only for readers who know what R2K is, have watched Ron Paul in a couple of the debates, and are familiar both with Woody Allen and Peggy Noonan's essay exposing him. Others would do well to skip it. PS: If you like Baylyblog and love Ron Paul, save yourself some grief and don't click through...

Ron Paul is to national politics what R2K is to the salt and light of the Church. Both Paulites and R2Kites have never seen a battle they want to fight. So instead they come up with sophisticated reasons why Little Round Top is the wrong hill to defend and Colonel Chamberlain's bayonet charge was over the top. The wrong man led the wrong troops in the wrong charge using the wrong weapons at the wrong time and the wrong location.

In fact, watch these men closely and you find the only battle they're willing to fight is the battle opposing battles. But of course, I use the words 'battle' and 'fight' quite loosely because both require courage. I don't write this to demean them, but so readers will see the connection between their techniques, commitments, and character.

They're the skinny boy in the corner of the schoolyard shouting "Nanny nanny boo-boo" at the real boys over on the baseball diamond trying to catch the ball, swing the bat, hit something, and run. Over in the corner of the playground with his back to the wall is R2K's favorite cultural icon, Woody Allen, making jokes about how he refuses to play baseball because baseball is a stupid game with stupid rules played by stupid boys. But of course, he did try to play baseball once, and when the ball was flying toward his face, he misjudged where to put his mitt, he took his eye off the ball, and the ball hit him square in the face, and it really really hurt. He's never forgotten it and now he makes fun of boys who play baseball.

All the boys who play baseball think he's a coward, but he's always surrounded by the other boys who got punched in the face with a baseball and decided never to play baseball again. They laugh at his jokes. Then there are the girls who never wanted to play baseball and don't know a coward when they see one, and they think he's kinda cute and sweet. They pity him for being an outcast and one day that pity will cause them to allow him to kiss them.

Here's my modest proposal. Let the R2Kites go out and sidewalk counsel outside the abortuaries and write legislation against assisted suicide and lobby against the pornographers and run for appointment to the county planning commission and enlist in the Marines. You get the idea. Let's see them do the good works they're always arguing the church shouldn't do because it's not the right person at the right time in the right place with the right weapon. Then, when they're awarded a Purple Heart for valor in battle, we may listen to them. But as long as they're over in the corner of the playground making passive aggressive jokes and refusing to put a mitt on, let weaklings and girls pay attention to them.

We have work to do.

Similarly, let Ron Paul stop running for national public office. That's the wrong battle at the wrong time with the wrong weapons and the wrong man. The man who sits in the Oval Office needs to be a man who knows how to do and say something other than how very deeply he's convinced that every battle is the wrong battle at the wrong place and wrong time fought by the wrong men with the wrong weapons holding those weapons in the wrong way. I mean, really! How can anyone not see what's going on with this man?

He's asked about things like sodomite marriage and murdering babies conceived through rape and the starvation of Terry Schiavo and all he can do is whine about how conflict is so very difficult and if we'd all learn to fight the way he does--ECPs and states rights and all that--the world would be a better place. 

Imagine there's no countries; it isn't hard to do;

Nothing to kill or die for, only liberty for you;

Imagine all the people, living in harmony,


You may say I'm a dreamer; but I'm not the only one.

I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.

Ron Paul shouldn't be on the platform of the presidential debates until he's shown us how to do something other than whine about how awful conflict is; and how if all of us would just learn to avoid conflict the way he does, the world would be as one.

Ron Paul should run for governor of Texas and show us his courage where he thinks all these battles SHOULD be fought. And if he gets a Purple Heart there, that's the time for us to think about giving him a national platform.

For now, all I see is a man who never met a battle he liked. And in this the Paulites and R2Kites are exactly the same. (TB, w/thanks to Doug Wilson and Kamilla)