Motives and responses...

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You guys all noticed there hasn't been any response to appeals for the Grace to You men to admit their unfaithfulness to Scripture and repent of it, right? The discussion of money and its corruption of decisions caused Grace to You to express their utter rejection of such considerations. But when it came to the infinitely more serious matter of amending and deleting and gagging Scripture, no response at all. (They may still be considering an admission of their failure; time will tell.)

Listen brothers, responses are significant and should be studied closely. And a non-response is a response...

You may not want to think about it, but what does it mean that Grace to You went apoplectic over observations that money always has a part in such decisions but they were silent in the face of observations that their decision to promote the NIV2011 is a gagging of God and a violation of Revelation 22:18,19?

See how those of us who claim to believe in the Fall and depravity and sanctification seem incapable of suspecting our own motives or admitting their our sins? Scripture constantly addresses motive in bad doctrine, but today it's viewed as impolite. Scripture constantly addresses the fatherhood of God writ large over creation, but today it's viewed as impolite. Scripture constantly reveals the failures of the best leaders of God's people--think the Apostle Peter, for instance, being publicly rebuked by the Apostle Paul--but today it's viewed as impolite.

We Evangelicals no longer have a doctrine of Scripture, but a doctrine of civil discourse among gentlemen who speak at one another's conferences and promote one another's books and all harvest royalties together.

John Piper wouldn't want me to say it, but all you need to do is look at his 990s (public records) and you'll see he's one man who's different. Praise God for John Piper! And praise God for my father-in-law, Ken Taylor, who taught us the importance of financial liberality toward the work of God and simplicity and discipline toward himself and his family.