Men are the minority in Evangelical churches in Africa...

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LolKo[NOTE FROM TB PLACED JUNE 20, 2016: At his request, the name of the man who is the subject of this commendation has been anonymized. The brother is concerned his name being public will jeopardize his work.]

When did you last hear a church commended for her "manliness?" When did you last hear a missionary talk about the absence of men in Evangelical churches in Africa? Have you ever heard how a Christian "spearman" in Africa keeps the oodles of children in his church in order, or how he deals with the bones in his meat?

The author of the post, "James B.", is the nephew of "Scott B.". You and your church would do well to remove some of your missionaries who have long since turned away from Biblical doctrine and practice, and fill the holes that your due diligence opens up in your missions budget with Scott and James.

And what about the absence of men in African Evangelical churches? It may be the same reason men are absent or docile in American churches. Pastors run churches through the hard work of compliant women...

Elders boards often are controlled by elders' wives and worship rarely rises above the level of Michal's sense of what is seemly and dignified. We don't discipline the men of our church in the pulpit or in person because disciplining men is dangerous. If a pastor does go for the men, either the men repent and love him or they resent him and get him fired.

When the African and American Evangelical church turns her attention back to repentance in conversion, and personal rebuke and admonition and exhortation in sanctification; when pastors repent of our own adulterous and greedy hearts and begin to go for our men's regeneration and sanctification; then and only then will men take note of God's servants and message, and decide whether to kill or love us.

And if they love us, happy day, God has given us a CHURCH!

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