Can't we all just get along...

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This post is by Pastor David Wegener who is back in the States for the year on home assignment for Mission to the World. David serves the Theological College of Central Africa in Ndola, Zambia as a Bible, theology, and church history lecturer, and Academic Dean. David and his wife, Terri, will return to Zambia this coming summer. Their presence fills all of us with joy. (TB)

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This morning we had a baptism of infants at Clearnote Church, Bloomington, and, since Tim was out of town, I conducted that part of the service. I began with a brief explanation of how we have those who hold to believer’s-only baptism and those who are paedobaptists in our congregation. Then I told a story readers of this blog may find humorous...

In 2007 when we were home on our last furlough, we attended Church of the Good Shepherd (as it was then called) on a cold February morning. There was a young person (if I remember right) who wanted to be baptized by immersion upon confession of faith even though it was freezing outside, with snow and ice all over. So someone found an old feed trough, filled it with very hot water, and placed it just outside a door in the elementary school gymnasium where we were then meeting. In my mind’s eye I can still see the steam rising from the hot water as the baptism was conducted. We watched through the open door of the gym...

Afterwards, my parents were over for dinner. Dad held firmly to believers-only baptism and I am a paedobaptist. This difference in doctrine caused a fair degree of tension in our relationship. At dinner, Sarah (who would have been about 11 years old at the time) had a friend over and they were chirping away while the rest of us had fairly normal conversation.

Suddenly, apropos of nothing but probably due to that morning’s baptism, Sarah asked me, “Dad, have I been baptized?”

“Yes, Sarah,” I responded, “I baptized you when you were a baby.”

“No, I mean for real,” she replied.

I gave dad a quick look and he was staring down at the floor in a very thoughtful posture. I imagined that he must have been thinking, “out of the mouths of babes, Thou hast ordained praise.”

I was thinking, “when I was a child, I thought as a child and spoke as a child.”

Well, Sarah, what we did this morning was real and it was wonderful to rejoice with three families upon the baptism of Ezra David Crum (the son of Nate and Katie Crum), Paloma Jean Killingsworth and Olivet Eliza Killingsworth (the daughters of Jody and Jenna Killingsworth), and Peter Caleb Mentzel, Lucy Katherine Mentzel, and Iain Martyn Mentzel (the sons and daughter of Jake and Amanda Mentzel).

Several grandparents were also present including lots of aunts and uncles--most having the last name of Crum.