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WinterflightWill you please help me?

When the publisher of Dad's novel, Winterflight, decided to take it out of print, I bought the 3,000 copies they had left in their inventory. With shipping I paid about $3,500 for them and I need to recoup that money. I've given away many of these books--some to some of you. But I can't afford to keep giving them away and I'd like to ask you to buy some for Christmas gifts, your church library, your public library, or as presents for your pastors and elders and senators and congressmen and doctors.

Winterflight is the perfect antidote to President Obama's grand scheme to move all medical authority inside the Beltway.

The book is about a hemophiliac who is dying because of nationalized health care...

The novel is set in the future when these United States have forbidden women to bear children if they are carriers of genetic abnormalities they risk passing on to their children. But this godly Christian father and mother went ahead and broke the law and had a son who was born with hemophilia. Now their son is bleeding to death and his father and mother can't get anyone to treat him. No Christian doctor is willing to risk his wealth helping a child whose parents broke the law by having him. Then, when all seems hopeless, a Jewish doctor agrees to help--that's the setup.

The book is exactly what Christians should be reading today as we consider our nation's future and approach the 2012 presidential election. Start the book and it's likely you won't put it down. And if you knew David's and my father, you'd not be surprised that you're left with no easy answers. 

Famous people say they love this book. But hey, who needs famous people?

Your weak scribe says I love this book. And it's author. And that it made me wiser.

Plus, I need help recovering my $3,500 dollars.


Would you please buy a bunch of copies? When I've recovered my costs, all proceeds will go to helping us do the work of ClearNote Fellowship including campus ministry, training future shepherds in the pastors college, planting churches, holding conferences, and making biblical and Godly music.