"There was storm... and then a wolf."

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Daniel:Zion:7A Christian confesses his faith, today, when he stays married to the same woman until death. When he continues to name his race "man" rather than "humans" or "human beings." When he chooses a church where he's sanctified rather than one where his wife is happy. A Christian confesses her faith, today, when she lets herself notice the beautiful diversity of manhood and womanhood, then calls attention to it.

We got a doll house with furniture off Craig's List a year ago...

and it sits in our alcove upstairs. A couple days ago my wife Mary Lee was taking care of two grandsons who are brothers, and she reports: "As Zion and Daniel went toward the doll house this morning, I was cautious as I like it to just be for the girls. I told them to be careful with it while I took my shower. When I came back there was doll furniture strewn all over.

"I asked, 'what happened here?' Daniel said, very matter of factly, 'There was storm... and then a wolf.'"