Buying a Bible for your son or daughter...

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Someone asked what Bible I'd recommend he buy his son and I thought I'd post it since postings have been few these days and maybe others would be interested.

In the second half of life eyes need larger print than this, but for those in the first half of life the Pitt Minion of Cambridge Press would be my Bible. For versions of Scripture I still recommend the NASB95 since it's readable and the modern translation that is most faithful to the original Hebrew and Greek text.

Too I think it's a bad idea to print men's comments about God's words on the same page with God's words themselves so I don't use or recommend study Bibles. Study helps, yes--they're indispensable starting with the New Bible Dictionary and Calvin's commentaries. Maybe third you could keep a paraphrase or a study Bible on the table next to you as you read the Bible itself. But in yourself and your children, cultivate a radical distinction between any words of man and the very words of God.

After the question of which version or translation of Scripture, we're down to questions of...

the opacity of paper, font size, binding, reputation of publisher, size of margins (for jotting notes), etc. And although about a quarter of all Bibles today are printed by Amity affiliated with the oppressive and godless Chinese government (see Craig French's post), all other things being equal, I don't think you can do better than the Pitt Minion NASB sold by Cambridge Press. Some will object that it's expensive, but last time I checked, it's about the price of a couple month's piano lessons, half the price of an iPod Touch, twenty Taco Bell meals, one or two tanks of gas, less than two months of a cell phone subscription, and less than ten percent of one season with a travelling sports team.

In other words, buy a Bible that reads and carries well, and has a binding that will last twenty years.