E-mail addresses and a beautiful B&B in the southwest of France...

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TimBayly'sB&B My father named me Timothy Baker Bayly. When I stop to think about that certain type of man who demands other men address him by his first initial and middle name, I tell people I'm going to switch over to "T. Baker Bayly"--and don't you forget it. Sounds as auspicious as I feel, you know? You'd buy a book that man had written, I'm sure, and invite him to give a lecture series at your local "International University."

All this to say that, despite our family being the only Baylys in the world hanging on to the original spelling, lo and behold there's another Tim Bayly in this world. And every now and then, readers of Baylyblog send him e-mails meant for me. He and his wife are patient and forward them on, but would you all please give them a break?

His name is Tim Bayly and his e-mail address is gmail, but with a different middle initial. Mine is Tim Bayly and my e-mail address is the intial of my first name followed by the initial of my middle name followed by my full last name. And keep in mind that my name is Timothy Baker Bayly.

By the way, that pic above is the B&B run by Tim and Tracy Bayly of the other gmail address. They're English and live in Southwestern France, so if you're ever looking for beautiful and inexpensive accommodations, e-mail them for a reservation and tell them the other Tim Bayly sent you.