The salvage yard church...

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Salvage-yard-church ClearNote Church has gotten by without a sign ever since we moved into our new church-house. Why?

Don't ask. But if we were ever to get a sign, I'd like to copy this one. It's about as comissional as can be.

And here at ClearNote Church of Bloomington, it has the added benefit of accurately describing the origin of many cars in our parking lot...

We have an arrangment with Chuck Forney who owns Bloomington's salvage yard, Auto Heaven. We specify price range and he recycles one of his ugly beauties. They're not beautiful cosmetically--remember that love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies?

Rather, Chuck's cars are beautiful because they're inexpensive and reliable. Try it out--talk to your local salvage yard.

(TB: pic by Eric R.)