"I miss her, and the others we killed..."

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FemaleFoeticide Across Asia the vast majority of unborn children being murdered are girls. In India alone it's estimated over nine million have died these past ten years. Look at the graph from India's Census and it's clear the slaughter is changing the sex ratio of the entire nation. This doesn't bode well for the peace of India or neighboring nations...

The BBC reports:

In the years between the birth of her third daughter and her son, Kulwant became pregnant three times. Each time, she says, she was forced to abort the foetus by her family after ultrasound tests confirmed that they were girls...

Kulwant still has vivid memories of the first abortion. "The baby was nearly five months old. She was beautiful. I miss her, and the others we killed," she says, breaking down, wiping away her tears.

Until her son was born, Kulwant's daily life consisted of beatings and abuse from her husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law. Once, she says, they even attempted to set her on fire.

"They were angry. They didn't want girls in the family. They wanted boys so they could get fat dowries," she says...

Kulwant's husband died three years after the birth of their son. "It was the curse of the daughters we killed. That's why he died so young," she says.