Children are amazingly resilient...

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Lots of you have forwarded the story about the foolish couple in Toronto trying to keep their newborn's sex a secret. Hissy-fits and kudos all around, depending on your politics.

But really how different is it from the normal Christian home where, aside from putting body parts together when it's time for marriage...

no one teaches their children anything about the meaning and purpose of their sexuality; and certainly not male initiative, fatherhood, and love or feminine deference, motherhood, and submission.

But if you want to tsk tsk and cluck cluck, here it is. (After posting this, Andrew Henry pointed out these two articles--this from Salon and this from the Star--are better than the prior link.)

Anyone worried about the child's future may be reassured to know the child's sex will be clear soon enough. Give him a doll and he'll hold it like a gun and say "Bam! Bam!" Give her a baseball glove and she'll wrap it in a blanket, cuddle it in her arms, and sing it a lullabay until its gone to sleep.

On the other hand, you could wait a few more years and watch what he or she does with the toilet seat.

Sex will out.

(TB: thanks to a bunch of you)