Legacy publishers' days are numbered...

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Legacy publishers are in trouble and no tears needed. As with seminaries, colleges, denominations, parachurch organizations, missions, and certainly churches, wealth and power corrupt. So it's good to see fresh faces committed to God's truth using the new media that are taking the publishing world by storm. Although those losing money and power will bear false witness against it...

calling it "revolution," let us praise God for the loyal, unifying, constructive, irenic, and righteous work of reform.

Someone said the history of the Middle Ages can be written as new church order founded as a reform of old church order; new church order is poor and pure; the rich give their money to the new, poor, pure church order; the new church order grows rich and powerful and corrupt; and new church order founded as a reform of old order.

Concerning the reform of publishing, if you want to know where books are heading, read this piece from the excellent tech trends blog, GigaOm. And follow the links.