ClearNote Church Bloomington's worship this past Lord's Day...

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Hallelujah Chorus from ClearNote Church on Vimeo.

When we say we think our musical prayers in worship should be in the vulgar tongue led by instruments and with tunes and rhythyms someone walking in off the street would be familiar with, it's inevitable that our readers will comment by waxing somnolent about the absolute superiority of pianos and organs and old tunes and singing four part harmony.

As if this were foreign to us--something we'd never considered.

Well, each Easter Sunday we end the service by handing out sheet music to all those present who...

are willing, and having a Hallelujah Chorus flash mob. No rehearsal and many strangers present for this one.

As you can see, we're not intimidated by highbrow music or singing parts. Our elders thought carefully about moving from classical instruments, tunes, and rhythyms to a more accessible and contemporary--what the Reformers called the "vulgar"--tongue. With us it's a principle.

By the way, I took my iPhone up to the balcony and sat it on a box for this ultra-sophisticated recording. Then I went and sang.