God's goodness...

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(David) There's much for which we are grateful here in the land between the Great Lakes. Let me list several of the ways:

IrwinPrairie First, there is this, the beauty of a cold midwestern winter seen from a boardwalk in the Irwin Prairie, a tiny remnant of the Great Black Swamp that once consumed the northwest corner of Ohio. It has been a beautiful winter here, filled with visible and invisible blessings from God. Visibly, it's been a spectacular winter so far and I've enjoyed walking and praying in the Irwin Prairie preserve two miles southeast of Christ the Word's new building.

NateAleaha Second, there is this, the beauty of God's gift of love in marriage. Cheryl and I were privileged to welcome new daughter-in-law Aleaha into our family on November 20, 2010. Aleaha met our eldest son, Nathan, at Bowling Green State University and they attend school together there now that they're married and Nate's back from his internship in Lausanne. The wedding was a wonderful day on which our church and human families mingled, sharing love and feasting on God's goodness to us. 

Bldg Finally, it has been exhilarating to watch Christ the Word's new building rise from the dirt since groundbreaking in September. First, the footers, then the walls, the steel, the roof, and now we're watching the ME&P work go on--at this point rather slowly due to the single digit temperatures of late.

For all this we praise you, God of our salvation.