Six days old...

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SixDaysOld (Tim) I don't know where this came from, but it's beautiful. And instructive.

When Christians (like one of my former elders who's a pharmacist) say they have no objection to abortion in the first few days or weeks of life; that there's no life or image of God in the first few days or weeks of the life of man, and thus they're willing to fulfill prescriptions for chemical abortifacients that kill the baby in the first few days or weeks of life; look very closely at this picture. This is the man they approve of murdering, or themselves murder.

Yes, 'murder' is the proper word. Anything less would further obscure the wickedness of our bloodthirsty nation.

Two days ago, Mary Lee was at the birth of another baby of our church who is the product of our congregation's faithful witness outside Planned Parenthood's abortuary here in Bloomington...

The young single mother told the OB nurse who delivered her son (the doc didn't make it on time) that she had been in the abortuary with the drug in her hand, ready to take it, when the voices outside hit her heart and she turned and walked out.

CGS women had promised her help, calling out as she went in as they always do with the women intent on murdering their babies. They'd told her they would help her in any way she needed or wanted. (And this goes for both those who choose to murder their babies and those who choose to bear their babies to term--we'll help any of them.)

So this young mother got rid of the murder-pill, came out, and remembering the name of the church our women had mentioned, she looked it up in the phone book and showed up at worship on Sunday morning.

Our Heavenly Father arranged it that the first person she saw in the church was dear Ginger Mahoney and she's been a part of our congregation ever since. She was here at our home for dinner last Sunday morning.

You know, intellectuals tell us ideas have consequences.

Praise God for the birth of this now-covenant son! We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made, and we know it very well, don't we?