The New International Version 2010: "any gender includes all genders..."

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(Tim) The best-selling Bibles in the world today are those with the word 'International' in their title. It all started a couple decades ago with the New International Version, but now it includes the New International Reader's Version, Today's New International Version, and New International Version 2010. Copyright for these Bibles is owned by the corporation that until recently was called International Bible Society, but recently changed its Bylaws to take the name Biblica.

Biblica's updated Bylaws end with this statement:

Section 10.10 Gender. Unless the context requires otherwise the singular includes the plural and any gender includes all genders.

"All genders?" Every last one of them? Really? How many are there--five? Six? Twenty-seven?

Not "both genders," but "all" of them.

Here we have a perfect lead-in to explain Zondervan and Biblica's...

latest effort to rejuvenate their goose that lay the golden egg: a new Bible product that massages the sensibilities of pomo/emos who can't quite decide where they're most comfortable identifying on the "gender" continuum. Out with 'sex' and in with 'gender.'

And let the reader understand, "any gender includes all genders."