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(Tim; this just in from Son Joseph, the analytical one) He writes: You've got to check this out.

Don't miss the slider at the bottom. Life expectancy shows countries being decimated at particular times. Go back to 1992 and you will see the effects of the Rwandan genocide. 1977 shows Cambodia.

Also, don't miss the fact that you can change the data you are looking at. Click on the blue triangle at the end of one of the axis. You can compare anything you want, and track it over time.

Here's one I just created that compares fertility rate to infant mortality rate, grouped (with color) by income level.

The size of each circle is the annual population growth (watch for the minus sign to show negative growth). Of course, poor nations have higher fertility rate and higher mortality rate.

There's some interesting stuff, here. I tried to see if there was any correspondence between contraceptive prevalence and the adolescent fertility rate, but it isn't really clear.

OK, here's another one: HIV & contraceptive use with color by income.